End of the Year Fast and Furious

I wanted to send out a Happy Holidays to all, before the flurry of activity swarms around us and all of a sudden we are recuperating from New Year’s Eve. I want to thank those who have helped make my first year as Chairman much easier than I had first feared. While too many to list, I do want to send a special thank you to Rebecca Streets-Montagna, Bill Sullivan, Doree Kuhn and Vince DiFonzo for going above and beyond in improving our organization and the adding of our mixers this year.

I look forward to our Stars of the Industry Awards Gala, coming up soon at the end of January or beginning of February (we will announce the date next week) and to more engagement and improvements in the coming year. For anyone I’ve not yet met, I would love to make some time to visit, please feel free to contact me via our email, DHLA@mail.com to set up a day to meet. Our Association will have some interesting Events coming up next year and we should have everything on our calendar by the end of the year. I will be blogging again soon, but want to wish everyone a warm and wonderful Holiday Season.

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